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Sad and tired

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I had a good day yesterday. Friend and I went to a Turkish baths spa place and then for lunch. It was lovely1 but I was tired by the time we went for lunch. Then she invited me to her house for tea. I was tired but thought I shouldn't refuse. It was all lovely - NOTHING to complain about.
Except today I am so tired it's making me sad and suicidal. I may know it's tiredness but I just feel so sad and teary.
I feel like I'm tired of trying to get better, of trying full stop. This last couple of weeks my psycholgist and psychitrist have said I've made good progress and congratulated me on some changes I've made in my life. I feel like - I've done what you wanted- can I give up now?
My meds are working for me (venlafaxine 375mg) and I know recovery has many ups and downs but... I just want to die. Sorry for rambling, I'm sure you'll tell me to rest up and get an early night- I know the logic - I just don't feel it.

Thanks for listening.


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go to bed. simple as. honestly the amount of times ive sat and cried then realised i might as well just sleep cos i wasnt doing anything useful and i was tired so just sleep the day away. *hugs*


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Rest always helps. They say the same chemical changes occur in the brain during sleep deprivation that occur from depression. Whenever I'm tired and feel really beside myself and just go to sleep, I always feel better when I wake up.


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Hi Lizz, if you're tired/unrested you won't feel like yourself. I know when I have bouts of insomnia it makes my depression worse. Try to keep positive energy flowing through you - imagine yourself surrounded by waves of beautiful, soft, energy. Sometimes when I'm in the shower I take deep breaths and think about the water flowing over me taking away all the negativity and washing it down the drain. It helps. :)

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