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Sad anger


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I dont understand why people talk shit behind others backs. I dont even relate to this impulse. I have no need to judge people by their appearances, or get into the lives, or preach how they should me just because their lifestyle offends me. Everyone can live their lives as they wish, as long as they are not hurting anyone. I am a fucking normal person and im interested in giving out love and encouragment. But somehow people look upon me as somesort of evil bitch.
I dont understand what have i dont to deserve these vibes of judgement to fall over me.
Before you rush to judge someone or talk shit about them, maybe grow a pair, man up and go talk to them first.
Non of you fuckers know me.


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i'm sorry this is happening to you, i hope it's irl and not here. either way you are right no one should judge anyone period, only a real judge should judge. ignore people that are mean to you or toxic in any way. you deserve to be treated with respect.


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