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Sad cuz someone I know irl said I act crazy half the time


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Someone asked to come over yesterday. He likes hanging out with me and playing video games.

I was playing Super Mario Galaxy with him.

I kept doing my same thing of drinking beer and doing Mario voice impersonations the entire time going "HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, YAHOOOOOOOOO, WAHOOO, YEE, YAH, YA-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (but not too loud and kinda short cuz I didn't wanna bother neighbors.)

And the person that came over and is still here (he slept over) said "I know why you act crazy half the time.. It's cuz you're always drinking beer!! Seriously, do you ever chill out with that? This entire time you've been drinking beer and that's like your 9th beer tonight."

I called my mom to complain and she made it into a huge deal and called my brother and my mom told me that my brother said "That's stupid. You're stupid." about me worrying that my friend said that and my mom said "Do you need to get back on your medication??" (even though LITERALLY 70% of the reason I stopped taking my new psychiatrist medicine a few weeks ago is cuz my mom looked at the side-effects and kept saying she feels very worried and bad that I'm taking meds now and kept saying I didn't used to need it and that she really wishes I was not taking meds)

It makes me feel sad. I knew my family makes fun of me behind my back, but I pushed it out of my mind, saying it might just be my paranoria and anxiety. But I guess even my own family makes fun of me and thinks I'm stupid and crazy.

I just don't feel very welcome or accepted anywhere. I get made fun of so much, everywhere..


I'm. Not. Like. You. I. Just. Fuck. Up.
because I was playing Super Mario Galaxy and its a really fun game that I've beaten lots of times before
I get that, but do you have to drink to help you have fun? I think you can probably have fun without doing so.

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