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    I walk my dog + 6 others 3 times a day and in the morning I go past an old lady's ( no apology for calling her a lady ) house, she is an old character and without fail every morning comes out for a natter and to see the dogs who all love her ( she always has biscuits for them )

    She was a dispatch rider during WWII and with my interest in bikes we always got on well ( even took her out on the back for her 90th birthday ) She had a few stories to tell about her antics during the war - bit of a girl she was, her husband died in a Japanese POW camp and never re-married.

    Well on Tuesday she wasn't there, car was in the drive - did I mention she was 94, still driving and tending an impeccable garden. Anyway I found it really strange so went to check she was all right and found her in her chair TV on BBC with a tea on the table and a digestive in the other, she had passed away peacefully on the chair.

    I could not say anything until it was confirmed that she had died naturally but got the phone call today.

    94 is not a bad innings and to go like that must be everyone's idea of an end.
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    Sorry about the loss of your friend...and yes, that is a ripe old age...big hugs, J
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    Oh wow... She must have had a wonderful life :hug: I love listening to war tales. At least she died in peace and in comfort of her own home. thinking of you x