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sad, down, upset etc, may help,

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by armsopenwide, Dec 25, 2011.

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  1. armsopenwide

    armsopenwide Active Member

    well i guess i am a registered nut lol, but im a nut who found away on his own, still some things are hard but these things gave me the strength to battle any demons and issues except for spelling and making sense, having the strength to fight any male dont matter how big or how many given the right reason, but to coward to stick up for myself, lol, helped me loads and better than any drugs(except weed but dnt reccomend that unless you strong enough) and maybe they might help you,
    how high, half baked, freddie got fingered, little niki, rush hours, scary movies, american pies exceot the one nothing to do wtih the proper ones really, k9 of you love dogs specialy gsd, fear and loathing in las vegas, meet the fukers last one ok but other ones haha, 8mile, ive got so so many more if anyone wants to know,

    tv, simpsons, south park, lifes to short idiot abroad rotfflmfao @ these two omg these two alone have nearly killed me so many times giggling, sponge bob and i dont care what age you are cartoons are wicked, father ted, vicor of dibley, my hero but not on no more booo, friends, only fools and horses, that advert with all the laughing kids, again so many more,

    walking, cant see it now to good but looking up at the stars lying on my back, wind lol not trumping thou still makes me giggle but how peacefull the sound of wind is sane for all mutha nathure really, countryside, i cant see to good but still love it, animals but only if you not the kind to hurt them in any way, ill kids dont mean that in a bad way but see them on programs see how they smile, able to laugh but yet hardly cry with sadness no matter what, dont worry about being yourself no matter what(unless you you hit females, kids or animals, and believe me i do know sometimes females make you wanna hit them, not kids or animals though but get a grip, you meant to be a man not a coward, even if you a or think you are a bad boy do this type of thing and it just makes you bad boi)
    music, ok if you got mh probs pretty much of any sort really prob not so much if you not keen on females at the mo so much but forget the hate he as for females, listen to his lyrics the words, but marshall mathers, eminem, slim shady, boo, you will get that if you like him already, promise there is so many but promise at least one of his will give you inner strenght, courage the will to keep fighting, if you dont get me, just listen to his words, ice cube cool too, than i get knocked down, but i get up again are they ever gonna keep me down? now add this bit yourself giggle say ner are they hell as like, kick me down maybe, knock me down maybe, keep me down not a chance
    have got loads more but well wasted now so gonna go before i woffle more lol, trust, honesty, loyalty just make sure it is to those who realy deserve it, oh yeah,, people getting bullied, beat, etc, if he male, even if he bulging with muscles lol do what you can to get to his privates. crush them in your hand if needs be, promise dont matter how big they thought they was they will be rolling on the floor for you to laugh at, but yes try these might help you, stay away from sad songs, tv, movies, places if you can, do this loads and it will push the bad away no matter how bad, you feeling low, well, xmas morning i was waling my dog, fell down a man hole that had the cover missing, stuck in this hole so my head was just popping out with my dog licking my head, imagone you seeing me doing this, giggling right, me too

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    sorry bit late i no but also the new ab fab hehe my proper type of woman and family life lol
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