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My girlfriend assured me I've got nothing to worry about. Says she wants me for keeps which is nice as it puts my mind at rest. She's been pretty busy though recently which can't be helped.

I feel so lonely without any friends though, my ex rightly said "at least you've come to terms with the fact you're friendless now"

The only person I've had a face to face conversation apart from my gf has been a total stranger at the gym and that was because her bag had a hole in it and things were falling out at the bottom, we chatted for a brief moment about how long she had it for etc. This is the sad existence I have to contend with. Told my ex it was the highlight of my day, joked they'd turn it into a hollywood film. I've apparently got Russell Brand's eyes, he could play me perhaps? I've got a similar accent to him, born 30 miles away to where he grew up in London but it's not a problem. Tim Burton can direct it. Her reply was that at least I spoke with somebody but again I'm going out of my fecking mind here!!!

Call it "Bag Day" maybe?

I'm very happy because of my gf but like always something else has to challenge me. :(

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I hope you get out more so you can have more encounters with people hun.
It is good your gf gives you reassurance she is always there too Wish you could sign up of a class or activity to help you meet new people hugs


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So do I but I'm confined to my room 90% of the time. Their just isn't anything to do around here and the local area in general. Nobody wants to see how I am. I try to talk to people when I'm out but they lead far too busy lives to talk to me. Not sure their are any courses to be honest. Barely enjoy stepping out to go gym let alone to the shop which is 30 seconds away. :(


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How about online, do you have friends you can talk to that way? Or even via Skype or on the phone? At least that gives you some contact with people and might help you to feel more connected.


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I know exactly how you feel, im the same except minus the girlfriend anymore. Only thing i have is family, you do anything with them perhaps?


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That could help but then I'd be reclusive even more from the outside world. Not really, my Mum struggles with depression to and well she is only concerned about my younger sister. She doesn't listen to me or my problems. We don't go out, rare if we do. It's so miserable just having the one parent around.


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I hope it might help. You're right about cyberspace leading to you possibly being more reclusive but it might get you more used to talking to people in voice or on camera or just through instant messages.

Do you have other ideas? More things to think about doing, perhaps! :) Always good.
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