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    I am 30 years old man. I have odd sexual preferences. I am alone, rather computer and philosophy-nostaligic geek. I have had today job interview fixed but I resigned before interview - this is my typical social habit - escaping.

    Please give me advices to change my life - how to achieve less masturbations and more energy and actvites in every day or kick in the ass.
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    no answers. fucking emotional support.
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    The only way to change you is to change the habits you have formed. instead of running and hiding get out and be amongst people get on some anxiety pills. Go back and talk to people about job interview do something different that way you will get different results hugs
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    I don't really have the answers. Have you tried any form of therapy to see if that helps at all? What is it that causes you to want to escape?
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    Well maybe I can help, Im also dealing with trying to escape an addiction. The best thing is to change your surroundings, get rid of the things that makes you think of your addiction. Talk to your doctor, but #1 is to find out why the addiction started, why you started in the first place. Change your outlook so its not tapping you on the shoulder all the time.

    Ever seen that show I use to be Fat on MTV, where they hang a calendar and count down the days until thier goal is achieved, try that, Ive actually been trying it and can see the progress that Im making as I get to tear down another day of not using.
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    Yeah, years ago I tried both pills and therapy, without results.

    I like escaping because I don't feel as free as this :moonwalk: I am rather full of stress amongst people.

    Today I masturbated several times on photos on fb photo & another social site of woman who invited me on interview (hr department) and yesterday I also drink beer instead of intensive preparating to interview.

    I am afraid questions about my past (I sit most of times at computer) on interview - this is my disadvantage, I am not good worker in the group.

    Today I also drank beers.
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