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I have everything in the world to be happy about, I have 2 beautiful little girls, a roof over my head, food on my table and heat. I just feel like I can't go on. No one cares about me or what happens, my kids are young and they wouldn't know or understand. I just want to end it all and now. Two things are stopping me. My youngest is home we are by ourselves and if I didn't succeed my husband would leave me. I can't go get help because he (my husband) thinks that I am doing it just to hurt him. I am so lost. I have tried in the past and know that I am about to that point again. I need help but I can't get it...I GIVE UP
Hi Sad Angel,

I am very sorry you are feeling this way. I know for a fact that your kids would be VERY SAD if you killed yourself. They would be confused and hurt without a mother to love them. I know a man who never knew his mom because she died from cancer after he was born and this still upsets him very much. Are you seeing a psychologist or taking medication? I am always available to talk if you need to. My name is Emily and I am 21 years old. Thanks for posting, I am here to help.

Emily :pinkrose:


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Sorry to hear this sadangel. Anyone can get depression, there doesn't necessary have to be a reason for it. It can strike us down when we least expect it too. Your husband does not sound very understanding. If you cannot seek help medically then it is you that is hurting and you need to put yourself first. Keep reaching out to us here. We do understand :hug:


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I'm sorry that you're troubled. Depression is a very real disease and can happen to anyone, it is treatable, but sometimes takes a while to get the proper treatment.

I am sure your children would appreciate any positive actions you make to seek treatment.
I'm sorry to hear that. After this weekend I know what it feels like to be completely without hope, it's devastating to say the least. Try to hang in there. Even though it's hard try to seek help, you shouldn't be in this situation for longer. Maybe even do it behind his back? There are wonderful people here who will support you.


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i did it just waiting to die goodbye
Hi sadangel

please go and get some help before its too late, its just not worth it... you have things to live for, such as your husband, please please get some help.


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Dear God I pray its not to late. Please call 911 now!! As the child of a mother who killed herself I beg u to call someone! Even if you feel your husband doesn't understand, believe me, there are people out there that DO understand and want to help you. There is no greater pain than knowing your mother chose to leave you and not fight to survive. Please get help, for you and your children:pinkrose:


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Dear Angel, I have been thinking of you all day. I pray that you found help before it was too late. I realize you may not be able to post or reply at this time so I will be checking on you hoping to see you back. I know we don't know each other but I want you to know that I would love to be a friend for you when u need someone. Whether its for advice or just someone to vent to I will be here for you. I hope to see you back on soon, God bless:hugtackles:


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I'm so sorry thast your husband has been unsympathetic to you. It sounds to me that he may be a big source of your saddness. Has he ever been physically Abusive to you or your children?either way it doesn't seem like a healthy relationship. Maybe you should take your kids and leave. I realize that you may feel you have nowhere to go but it sounds like you need to remove yourself from that environment. See if there are any womens or crisis centers in your area and contact them. I know that's probably not where u want to be but its only temporary, they can help you get the financial, emotional,and physical help you need to move on to a better life for you and your kids. Your children are very young and I'm sure, especially with you being a stay at home mom, thsat you are their world. As you stated, I'm sure they would rather have a happy healthy mom iinstead of one who's sad or angry. So get help for yourself so you can feel better about yourself and be the best mommy you can be. I also wonder, is it possible you could. Have post-partum depression? If u have been feeling this way for a long time that could be it. Have you been treated for any type of depression? I know I am rambling on but I sincerely want you to get better. I don't know if you read my previous posts but I lost my mom to suicide and it is a pain like no other. You may believe that since they are so young that it won't affect them as bad, but as they grow up it will affect them greatly. I feel you are still here because you are meant to be. Everyday is a new beginning. You can't change the past or predict the future, all you can do is fight for today to make tomorrow better. You and your children DESERVE it! Just remember that there are people who care about you, even if you don't know us personally, we are here for you.
Hmm there are actually ways to help people go on by 'discouraging' them

I know it sounds silly but I think you shouldn't take words exactly as they are.

Maybe you want to try rethink whether things are as bad as you are? Maybe you want to try thinking in a more positive way?
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