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  1. lost_child

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    Never before have I felt to so alone. noone wants to talk to me, I've destroyed all good things. People are laughing at me. so SAD (suicidal, alone, depressed). I hate this. I need someone to talk to, but friday night and everyone is doing what friday nights are for, being with friends, family and feeling loved and cared for.

    Someone tell me, why you fight, when you won't ever get the one thing you need in life? Why you walk around breathing, when your not living.
  2. wanttodie

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    People laugh at me and make jokes on me all the time.

    It has been like this ever since the day I started going to school and now Im 21.

    I have lost my first job just because I was afraid of the fact that people laugh at me.

    I do think that these people have turned me into a psychological case.

    But still I don't feel suicidal or anything because I know that some day it will end too..nothing is for permanent.
  3. :hug: i hope you feel better soon