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    Honestly I do not know if this place is going to aid me. Reading about the losses of some of the others did not make matters any easy for me it was scratching the wounds to make them bleed afresh.
    But there are no one else to whom I can look upon sharing my feelings, maybe you people can share my burden and help me breathe easier.
    My beloved with whom I had a loving relationship for the last 10 years passed away last week. Its too tough for me to express in words how I feel but the pain is unbearable. Is there any reason for me to live in this world?
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    Re: so so sad

    Yes there is because your beloved would want you to be happy. Have you gone to grief councilling This is a great start I hope you have support from other family members use them in this time of stress. Talk with us here when you are sad which i know you are and in pain. Talking let the pain out we will listen and care. I too know this type of loss and the pain will lesson you will learn to remember the happy times and learn that your love one would want only happiness for you. take care and keep us posted on how you are doing okay
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    Tammy...just wondering how you are doing...please post and let us know..big hugs, J