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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Beachboy, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. Beachboy

    Beachboy Well-Known Member

    Is there anyone else here that has SAD or "Winter Blues"?

    I'm struggling to explain myself to my friends and feeling a bit isolated.


    Can't get out of bed.
    Staying up late.
    Eating LOADS.
    Drinking LOADS.
    Smoking LOADS.
    No sex life.
    Feel as if I am being squashed from above.
    Feels like I am walking through fog.
    Feels like I am nothing.
    Feels like I am invisible.
    Lack of motivation.
    Lack of energy.
    Low self-steem.
    Some thoughts of suicide (although I think SAD is not to blame).

    I really would like to get to know fellow SAD folk as it would be helpful to swap stories, rememdies (I HATE THOSE BLOODY DAY LIGHTS!) and just support eachother!

    Beachboy x
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    I don't get it but my mother does.
    Horrible thing cos we just don't get enough sunshine.
    I'm sure there will be people along who do suffer with it and u could start a support group.
  3. Beachboy

    Beachboy Well-Known Member

    Spread the word everyone! :biggrin:
  4. StarFish

    StarFish Guest

    I have it too. It was worse when I lived in England, now it's a little better; light is better in Canada. I completely relate to what you're going through.
  5. Beachboy

    Beachboy Well-Known Member

    Anyone else?? I know there are more of you out there!:tongue:
  6. TheBLA

    TheBLA The biggest loser alive.

    Sorry I don't have it. I'm just depressed all the time because of my pathetic condition.
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