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  1. TWF

    TWF Well-Known Member

    It's killed me unfortunately.... It's something foreign, nobody understands it. I've tried the doctor before, all I got was a laugh directed towards me and 5 months worth of useless medications. Then I pushed for benzos (which actually helped) got 2 tiny scripts. I'd rather have been hooked on that stuff than die. I can't hack therapy because people just laugh at me, except for 1 councellor.

    I ended up dropping out of uni and wasting another year at home (worst place for a SAD person to be), I had a job but that's not what I needed, I needed friends. In the end I didn't manage to grow socially... It's a regret, I just wish I had another year at school, which is what I wanted but my parents insisted on me leaving and mistakenly I listened..... Now I'm stuck in a rut, I'm a young adult and haven't overcome my problems, I'm completely dependent on my parents and I'm incapable of leaving home.

    I can't blame anyone regardless, I can only blame myself for not knowing better and taking my own initiatives and getting therapy. Now everyone is laughing at me wondering how I've managed to become so pathetic at the age of 19.

    Question is, when will mental health be accepted just as any other disease? I wish all the best to other sufferers, future or present.
  2. catecholamine

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    I highly doubt people are "laughing" at you like you seem to think. Living at home at age 19 is not uncommon in the least.
    Doctors don't like prescribing benzos because of them being highly addictive, as you seem to know. And this is for good reason. You can build up a tolerance to them quickly, so some people take more to get the same effect, and more and more and more till they're taking huge amounts just to get by. Coming off them is hard - very hard - and has huge complications, such as seizures. It is best you leave benzos alone if you can.
  3. Terry

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    If you have S.A.D. which is what I'm assuming, a course of sunlight therapy would help no end.
    If it's not that, has your doctor bothered to give you any anti-depressants?
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