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I realize this is a bit late, perhaps because I didn't want to deal with it on March 31st, which was the one-year anniversary when I had to put my dog, Sadie, to sleep. She had stomach cancer and was literally fine on the outside two days before we had to put her down. There were no warning signs that I was aware of.

It was Monday, the 29th, when everything was fine. Tuesday afternoon, during class, I received a text from my mom saying come to the vet now and that's when I knew something was seriously wrong.

The vet let us keep her one more night and then we had to bring her back to be put to sleep on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010. She was a 13 year old German Shepherd, but the nicest dog I had ever known. My best, and only, friend at that time. She was always with me, always could tell when I was sad, and always slept in my room.

I think this may have been contributing to me feeling worse over the past few weeks. No one else seemed to care in real life or they weren't attached to her so it didn't affect them much so I figured I'd post something here.

R.I.P. Sadie


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Unless a person has had a pet like Sadie, and I have had several, they do not know the heartache...so sorry for your loss, but Sadie was very fortunate to have you as you were to have her...J

PS..my fav pet in the world was also a German Shepherd named Hans who was my best friend growing up...he protected me from my father, sleeping on the foot of my bed each night...he was a 110 pound lap dog...I still miss him!


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death is a good thing. it's the end of all these things that make it difficult.

those who have passed away are finally out of it

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