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  1. WanderingStar

    WanderingStar Account Closed

    I'm concerned that my depression has turned me into a bad person. At one point in my life, I used to have tons of friends, I was happy, I enjoyed life and everything seemed to be as it was supposed to. However, this all ended abruptly about 7 years ago. Since my friends abandoned me, taking my happiness and the enjoyment I once took in living, I've become an extremely bitter and angry person. I'm no longer sympathetic to those in pain, and in fact take pleasure in watching others in it. I was never like this before, but since losing my faith in life and the goodness of humanity in general, I've never wanted to see people suffer so badly. I don't want to live, and I don't want anyone else to live either. Is this something anyone else has come to feel? If so, is it something that goes away with depression?
  2. man

    man Well-Known Member

    I used to be the same way, I just started tweaking my perspective all the time to see life from different points of view not the same one every day and I slowly moved out of my rage, I think you ate not alone with the way you feel, good luck with it all.
  3. ~CazzaAngel~

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    I can't say I feel the same as you. I'm actually the opposite.
  4. kittyD

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    When I was asked if I was suicidal, my answer used to be: I'm not sure if its suicidal or homicidal, it depends on the second you ask. I've never truly felt that I wanted anyone else to die, just to disappear from my reality.
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