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Sadly, it's a common story

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I read this also its terrible terrible thing to happpen it shows you how little they pay attention to people with mental health issues xxxx
sad story

i also wanted to hang myself when i was in the psych ward. in the end i sent my "tools" away with a friend. (they searched me when i arrived but left several items with me that i could have used to hurt myself with).



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How sad. I wish this could be a lesson to all involved.

At my local psych ward in the hospital I was admitted to, they have changed the locks out to where there is no handle. It's a cylindrical mechanism. It has no handle. Hanging is thus avoided.

There is also a shower rod that collapses automatically if enough pressure is applied. This stops hanging also. It's pretty much foolproof.


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what a sad, sad story...
one wonders how these things happen in a psyche ward!
her family would be devastated..
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