Sadness is so overwhelming today, hard no to react.

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Fleurise, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. Fleurise

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    Well I have lots of study I should be doing. It's too hard to concentrate, I'm angry at my husband who has been becoming more and more selfish.
    Had four hours sleep not last night but the night before and so when I went to bed I was really tired and nearly asleep. Most of the evening my hubby was in a depression and so wouldn't talk to me. Had dinner late which I hate. By the time we went to bed I just wanted to fall asleep, but made the mistake of asking my hubby one question. Usually I don't get much of an answer but last night I got an answer that dragged on for 45mins. Yes he can talk that long. Bye the time he had finished I could get to sleep and had to get up. This morning I've hardly had a word out of him again. He plans on going over to a friends house to mow their lawns today so I won't see him all day, he is doing housework at the moment, then he will get home and be so tired I probably won't get any time with him. I'm struggling not to kick him into the spare room. Don't see the man I fell in love with. I have no idea why things are like this but it feels like he hates me know and I'm stuck feeling tired sad depressed and crying. He still won't care.

    Oh and thinking that last time I posted it didn't get a reply for hours until I mentioned to someone that I had posted in forum, so I don't really matter. Guess I'll need to learn to live with that.
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    Hi Fleurise, i know how difficult it is to study when youve got other things going round in your head, its impossible!! Do you know why your husband is depressed? maybe you could talk to him about it and tell him how you feel too. Perphaps you could help each other through it together? Im sure he doesnt hate you, maybe hes just just finding it hard to express his feelings? Hang in there :)
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