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safety in insomnia

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My doctor has given me new tablets which help to sedate me at night but I hate taking them coz I have got so used to being awake at night that it is the only safe place to be.
when u are so used to being awake at night it is scary to have that taken away
Does anyone else feel like that?
PS I didnt take the tablets last night, hence am awake and clear headed...
Hey I've had insomnia for about 2 years now. I am used to staying up but my mom won't let me take any of the sleep meds my psych perscribed. I hate being up but I do feel safe at night


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The only time I feel good is at night. I hate being awake during the daytime. So I try and sleep during day. It's fucking up my school but I just can't go out during the day.
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