Sally May

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Sally May you will be very much missed. ]

Although you lived a very short life you knew you were very much loved by all of us here. Seeing you pass away was the hardest thing my niece ever had to see. You would have made a great mother to your other children if they would have been born. You son Max is still growing and playfull but no doubt he misses you. We all miss you.

Sally May passed away Friday September 30 at about 6'35 in the morning. She was killed by our next door neighbor who did not have the decentsy to even slow down, he ran right over her right in front of my 15 year old niece and her friend as they were waiting on the school bus. Then he simply said sorry and kept on driving while all of us and the kids cryed carrying her lifeless body home to be buried when they got home from school. The police said there was nothing we could do. This is so wrong, it was animal crulity. you were on our side of the road waiting with them at the bus stop, the guy drove in the middle of the road and ran over you and did not even care. Anyone who can run over a tiny dog like you in front of kids is a sorry piece of ... then just look at the crying kids and say sorry hateful like and keep on driving. it ought to have been felony hit and run but instead once again it is not the law and we lose such a happy loved little doggy. We will never know how many pups you were carryuing inside you but they went to heaven with you and we will see you again someday. i emailed the guy who ran over you, not a responce has been given from him, i supose he is really a cold hearted person which is such a shame.

we love you sally!


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I'm very sorry to hear about Sally. It really is unbelievable how cold and callous people can be. I really hope you and your family are doing ok.

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