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  1. Robald

    Robald Active Member

    Good afternoon to everyone, or whatever time it is where you are.
    A few points.
    1. I not sure about my username, I wanted to apply to have it changed before I started posting but can't think what I'd prefer at this point. So here I am posting.
    2. I've been registered for a week or so and have done plenty of reading in that time. Slightly voyeuristic perhaps but this is a public forum so I guess that's nothing to worry about.
    3. I'm undecided whether reading here (or now posting) will ultimately benefit my emotional health but for the moment reading people's posts has provided a change from ruminating on my own issues, which seems to help. A few further thoughts I've had while browsing this forum:
      - many people have far greater problems than myself
      - life in general is full of pain
      - once depression starts it can last a lifetime
      - people can find many ways of coping with emotional pain
      - there are many kind people who are prepared to offer unconditional love and support
      - being loved simply for the fact that you are human and alive can be a great help to some people, and no help at all to others
      - emotional crisis and mental ill health is far better understood by those who have experienced it themselves
    4. The above are simply my own opinions which may well develop and/or change.
    5. I've been running frequent web searches related to suicide for several months and only found this forum in the last week or two.
    6. Elsewhere on the web I've found a great deal of information on methods, on mainstream contemporary 'suicide prevention', and a smaller amount of academic / intellectual articles and discussion on the subject.
    7. I made my first and only attempt 17 days ago and found this forum only after a renewed determination to research methods. It appears to be unique as far as I'm aware, although I admit this is unlikely given the extent of the internet.
    8. Hello! I hope you are all well, although many of us here are evidently quite the opposite. But that doesn't stop me hoping. Having become painfully familiar with feelings of desperation myself, I wouldn't wish them on anyone else.
    9. x

  2. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Hi :) And welcome to the site :hug: Sorry you had to find us how you found us :hug: There is one positive thing about suffering that man still has not learned from though exhibits the more common negative side more frequently, suffering has no prejudice, is not rcist and does not care who it inflicts itself upon. To suffer is to see the darker side of life regardless of how it manifests itself.

    I hope you find the support you are looking for here, it's not all things to all people and for some it just deepens their pain somewhat but there are many who do find the support they are looking for, I hope you are one of those :)

    Welcome :)
  3. Robald

    Robald Active Member

    Cheers buddy :smile:
  4. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    Welcome to SF.
  5. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    welcome to the forum :)
  6. LenaLunacy

    LenaLunacy Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to Sf.
  7. snowraven

    snowraven Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum. Hope it can help you as much as it has helped me.
  8. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    :welcome: to SF. You have made quite a few good observations about things. I hope we can be of help to you. Please take care and stay safe. :hug:
  9. Robald

    Robald Active Member

    Thanks everyone :smile:
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