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    Dear Sam,

    I miss you! it's been 7 months from the day i lost you. I loved you so much and you took such good care of me. every day was a new day and you made sure i knew how much you cared for me. you meant the world to me and everyday got harder after you died. i wish only that i could have helped you.

    you were always very stubborn and this made you impossible to help. i guess in the end you didn't want it. you had a lot of people who really cared about you and your funeral was beautiful. so many people turned up for you. you were really popular and even your teachers were there! I hear school wasn't the same without you. classrooms felt so empty and everything is quieter now.

    when you died, i wanted to come with you. and so did so many others. you meant so much to so many people and so many people loved you.

    I hope you are happy where you are. you deserve it.

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    Really sad to read out your post,just show much you love her.Even i believe its difficult to forget love able person,but life is goes on.
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    so sorry you lost your friend hope you are getting some support Know your friend who wanted the best for you still does still would want you happy and strong take care.