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I find myself almost taping my fingers together to prevent me from replying to people and conveying how i really feel or what i really think. Im trying really hard and almost failing to comprehend people on here sometimes i really am. I mean whats the point of deliberately upsetting a lot of people just to get your point across? Hell i dont care about a lot of things its just something i keep to myself because its just plain nasty. If i conveyed just a portion of what i really think, id get banned in one single post. I dont because i choose not to and people who sit their and blame it on some condition or other as to why they cant keep things to themselves, well if you know you have a condition then its upto you to keep a check on what you say to other people, not us. Its down to choices. You choose what you say, no one forces you. No one forces your fingers across the keyboard. 'Oh but i am autistic' or 'oh but i have aspergers', so what? Thats not a white flag to go ahead and be an asshole just for the sake of it. I know plenty of people with a wide variety of disorders and problems IRL and not one of them would act like people do on here. Its just an excuse. If you dont like what i say then your problem not mine.

Another thing thats bugging me is people who keep quoting from other sites wholly innacurate statistics like they are gospel. Here's one: 2010 count last year revealed that in the entire of the UK their are only 440 people sleeping rough, thats not just London thats the whole of the UK. That was brought to you from the UK government. Thats one example of inaccurate statistics from thousands. If you wanna make a point and use statistics fine but at least make sure they are true first. If your from another country and you use statistics that are relevant for that country then please dont. You have no way of knowing if they are true or not and if your providing statistics in a post intended for supporting someone else then its not really conducive.
I wonder if you could ask the mods what is bannable and what is not

maybe you could send a rough draft to a mod, saying exactly what you feel, and they could edit out parts?

I don't know

maybe you could also post exactly what you think in another forum (like here) or maybe on another website
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