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  1. Okay, so I was thinking today as I was talking with my boyfriend and a few issues came up about Christianity. I was thinking that if I were to go to Hell then it wouldn't be such a bad experience afterall. First off, you wouldn't forget your experiences here on Earth as you would in Heaven. If one was to go to Heaven then they would have to forget everything from Earth to truly be happy, I do believe. Anyway, secondly, since Hell is Hell for everyone there, including the Devil, then technically you could dethrone the Devil and become King/Queen of Hell yourself. Yeah, it wouldn't be glorious or anything but it beats serving someone.
    What was that quote? It's better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven. Sounds right to me.
  2. If we go to hell, sweetie, we could become king and queen of hell. I imagine all the fun there would be, hehe. At least we wouldn't be suicidal there. Also, since Jesus is going to send most people to hell because of their sins, we'll have many supporters and we can try to raid heaven. Once there, we'll all be gods. Imagine that. Of course, all of this would be unneccessary if Jesus would be the polite and forgiving God he is suppose to be, unlike what Jesus is made out to be by the evil, hypocritical assholes who control organized Christianity and use it to bankrupt millions of gullible people who so desperately need something to believe in.
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  3. Oooh yes you could so have more than one ruler there! No suicide feelings any more either...now that I think of it, would it even be better than this life on Earth? I mean, seriously, if Hell is Hell for everyone then it'd be crappy for Satan to be knocked out of the throne--but how would it be Hell for us? Too many people? Too warm? Oooh...maybe too much to take care of? Like, a never-ending manager position. Anyway, I agree with you. Though Jesus takes our sins, regardless if we'd like him to, he still is picky about who is being let into Heaven. Maybe we're being fooled into wanting to go to Heaven--maybe when we get there we become some sort of slaves :huh: so many thoughts going through my head on this subject.

  4. Heaven could be like that. It is scary to think we'd become slaves for Jesus. Christians don't describe well enough what heaven will be like, other than what the roads will be made from. The idea of heaven being a place where we all just sit around listening to angels playing harps while praising god, seems more boring than life on this planet.

    Hell seems alot more fun. A place where we listen to rock music while we have lots of sex. If Satan is as intelligent as he is suppose to be, then he will not make hell to be a bad place for us, otherwise, he will likely be dethroned by the others in hell. I can imagine that if anything, Jesus will get lonely and want to join us in hell for some fun.
  5. Oh dear, I just thought of something. Maybe the reason why we're taught to pray for forgiveness and follow the commandments of God is because we are being chosen as slaves. Sort of like Jesus is testing out which few of us will actually follow his demands and such and not start trouble. I'm a bit disappointed that we don't know more about Heaven but it seems like we know plenty about how Hell will be.
    I suppose you made a very good point though. Satan must make Hell quite tolerable or he would have already been dethroned many times. He also has his demons working for him without much force--and he isn't picky about who he lets into his kingdom. This reminds me of that movie Little Nicky when the angels obviously had went to a "mixer" with the Devil--I wonder if they do integrate like that on weekends or something? Hmm...I'm very anxious to find out now; I hope Hell is what everyone has made it out to be afterall :laugh:

  6. The bible states that God banned Satan from heaven for eternity, rather than forgiving his creation. God seems very human like that, and it's apparent that like humans, he makes mistakes. Yet, God doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes by continuing to seem like a controlling, hypocritical, and manipulative dictator who has an unbridled lust for riches. Supposedly, Satan has control of this world, yet God created this world. If this world is getting worse, shouldn't God fire Satan like God did before, and hire someone new to take control of this world. since obviously God is too lazy to do anything else to help out? Maybe Satan isn't so bad after all. It seems like Satan is a pretty damn good volunteer. He does most of the work, yet still doesn't get paid.

    By the way, Syiah, it seems that Jesus is what he claims Satan to be.
  7. What the hell have I been arguing about? I probably am going to the island soon, anyways. Read my post in the Let It All Out section. Shorah!
  8. Panther

    Panther Well-Known Member

    Heaven's boring, there's no food or drink in heaven apparently so no Bacardi Breezer, no milk :eek:hmy:, no fishfingers and no Cadbury's Creme Egg.
    And in heaven you effectively become a choirboy or girl and for some people who can't sing that is bad, and you sing hymns of praise to the Lord, like 'Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty'. Fuck that I say.

    All the best rock bands and musicians will be in hell, and there will even be classical music in hell I reckon, and I'll have my saxophone in hell and we can have a blast. If you dethrone the devil then what will your name be? Satan II? (I reckon Beelzebub or Lucifer sounds better personally). And yeah there'll be plenty of sex in hell, more so than I get here anyway :tongue:
  9. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Seeing as this thread is much in similar vein to the one that was locked yesterday, I am now closing this thread as it's just going to create potential hostility and offend the religious members, and it's effectively a discussion between two of you.
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