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Satisfied by the thought of death

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I am depressed and want to die. I can not tell my family or school officials because they will just send me to the hospital and put me on drugs again. I just think life would be easier if it didn't exsist. I would not be lonely anymore. I would not have to worry about the future anymore. Death makes me feel satisfied.


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It is the thought of death that you are referring to...and it is so sad that this is the place you are finding comfort...unfortunately, there are many ppl here who also know this space, so please let us be there and show you that there are other spaces as well...big hugs and PM me if I can be there for you


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It's strange that when someone is emotionally distraught ie suicidal, then family, friends, doctors, etc all recommend drugs. While drugs can partially help, the real issue is a spiritual one.

I've learned that lonliness does exist, and that the vast majority of the western population suffer from it. But people hate to confront that lonliness or even admit it. So they go about their lives distracting themselves via buying the latest fad, watching TV, going to restaurants etc. Many 'normal' people console their own nagging lonliness by consuming societys more acceptable mood enhancers ie alcohol, chocolate, weed, cocaine, or whatever it may be.

The ability to worry seems to be a pre-requisite of modern day life. Worry about achieving an education, having enough money, holding down a r'ship, eating the right food, getting enough exercise, - the list is endless. If I say to you, Girldontknow,
"please don't worry because it's not worth it"
it may be difficult to believe. You're a young person, and as time passes, you'll perceive life very differently. You've displayed astounding strength coming this far, and no one can ever suppress or change that. All the best.
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