..satisfy the hunger.

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    Pain is invisible

    the effects can be seen

    in the faces of those that suffer

    in the demeanour of the burdened

    the shackles of emotional despair hold fast

    the poor lost imprisoned soul that knows no hope

    while the addict toils in trembling fear to feed the habit

    and while feeding the habit is feeding the fear and the terrors

    they all insist that they have free will but seem powerless

    without strength without guidance without a compass

    no direction no stars to follow no enlightened way

    misery is simply a bitter wine and a stale bread

    sorrow is a despicable desert not sweetened

    the menu of simply existing is a plain fare

    table laid and waiting for poor guests

    day in and the day out every day

    never satisfying left wanting

    not knowing of what they

    want nor what would

    satisfy the hunger.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.