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Somebody brings up a sensitive issue (Let's use the death of someone that was close to you) or makes a joke about a sensitive issue, how do you react? Obviously you would be angry but what would you do? Tell them bluntly that it wasn't funny, laugh with them, change topics or would you just ignore them? How would you react?


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I would change the subject and if that didn't work I would walk away.. Anger isn't going to do anything but make you feel worst..

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I would tell them outright that it was not funny and you were hurt by the response it would make them think next time before hurting someone else hugs


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Once got told a foul joke about the holocaust, told them exactly what I thought of people who make jokes about tragedies. They didn't like it...tough!

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Stand up, and walk away without a grin, a smile, a chuckle, a "fuck you," nothing. Just walk away. It really brings home in a nonverbal and effective way, "this guy isn't funny at all and I disapprove of everything he's saying." Nonverbal language speaks volumes.

Unless of course this all happens on a forum. I'd probably speak up and outright condemn it.
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