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Saying Goodbye

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Im sorry for doing this.

Im sorry for everyone im going to fail.

Im sorry, but there is no alternative, there is no way out, and now all i want to do is close the book on my life. I dont want to go on, I dont want to see tommorow, I just want it finished.

I wish you all nothing but happiness, and the absolute very best in life, I hope you can find the strength to carry on, to overcome the hurdles you must overcome, but for me this is fate, it was always going to happen.

Goodbye, perhaps we will see each other in the next life.

Please take care of yourselves.

All my love
Matt :hug: :cheekkiss


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Hey thier friend....whats going on....talk to us...let us try and help.....call a friend....call someone...call a hotline.....please dont think you got to get through this alone....we're here for you ... :hug:


MJ, I am so sorry you are feeling so low:flowers:
I fully empathize with you and totally wish you felt better. Please dont hesitate to contact me if you want to talk about anything. You know I understand how you feel, I feel the same way too. You do have a future tho.

Much love
Lea :hug:
Matt, use your brains, you're not thinking clear right now, you cant do this. Ofcourse there are other alternatives, there are ways out. And maybe you dont want to go on, but you cant fucking do this. How can you ask from us o take care of ourselfes. You're one of my best friends, I really dont know what i will do when you're gone.
I wish you also nothing but happyness, but please allow yourself some happyness and other good things. Go get some rythm back in your life. I know its hard, but you're sleeping and eating patterns arent good and waking up, behing the pc, go to bed, doesnt help either. Believe me, I fucking know how hard it to break the cycle, but you can do this matt, you're strong enough, you can have a good life, but you need to work on it and hard. You can give up with the smallest struggle you get. If you want me to continue this fucking life, please say that too yourself too. I'm starting to rambling now and its all lame shit what i'm saying. But i fuckin care about you and i'm not the only one, dont do it!!!


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:( IM so fucking lost, so confused, sitting outside the bottlo 30 minutues besfore he even opens. I really have done my ersearch, alcohol, and tablets, but fuck which ones. Im so sorry everyone, I really am sfucking sorry.

Im just going to drink now, cause that I do know.


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please dont take those pills....drinking is only gonna get ya feeling more down my friend.....but no lectures from this end.....please let us help you get through this.....dont go it alone.....call a hotline if you need too...what ever it takes....I hear ya.....thinking of you....


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I know I cantt do this to people. It hurts people too much, im just going to literally drown my sorrows, listen to the smiths, and drown in my own jices ya. Ebry body is lever our days.


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extra BIG HUGS.....Matt :hug: ....you are brave, and strong to keep moving forward, and we are here for you......take care pal......
Sweetie, Sorry you felt/feel this way. But I am proud of you for hang in there. I hope you stay with us. You know I'm your friend and will always be here for you. You know you can talk to me anytime at all. I am sorry I missed this. I had a crisis (or atleast I thought) and didn't get to bed until like 2:00pm or so... up for awhile.. just woke up at 4:00am - guess I was tired. Anyway there's not much more I can say as everyone else already has :dry:


:hug: :hug: :cheekkiss
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