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  1. Oceans

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    I hate the ten to one scale of pain. i'm not a good judge and i don't trust myself. there are no physical scale so i rather not say, unconsciously i want answer that is real. maybe i am just making it all up..

    does it help with your therapist with the scale
  2. i agree with you on this. its stupid and doesnt make me feel better. it makes me feel worse having to tell someone what my pain is. its like saying we are having a 5 day so you can try to make it a 4 day.
    i call them colours or foods.
    usually foods i dont like :p
    numbers dont tend to make it real.
    calling it a spiral or something like that can be helpful
  3. jameslyons

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    People should hand out copies of Dante's Inferno and ask where a person feels like they are.