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scar and depression

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Volcom23, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. Volcom23

    Volcom23 Member

    I feel like all alone now. I feel like I'm not normal. I feel very depressed. I had a hole-like scar in my forehead and I regularly hide it with my bangs whenever I go out especially in school. Since I was in first year college my hairstyle didn't change until one of my classmates teased me about my bangs. He found out that I had a scar on my forehead. Maybe he told some of our college friends (he is also my friend-- part of the group) that I had a scar that I am hiding long before. From that time, some of my close friends started teasing me (not actually teasing in words but an attempt to touch my hair and disarrange it-- something like that) and I feel very humiliated whenever they do it. Since from that moment, fears and worries triggered my mind and I felt very very down. I started self-pitying though I don't do it cause I'm a somewhat positive person. I'm very active and energetic to achieve competence since from the moment I entered college. But all went crashed in a sudden because of that particular instance. I cannot help myself and I started fantasizing things thinking solutions that are not real (like miracles-- silly, isn't it?) I usually hang out with my friends but it went over since from that moment. I do things on my own not like before. I am afraid to go to school. I always hide myself and felt threatened whenever there is someone (in school) who knows me sees me. I constantly evade them. I'm really out of the group and I felt rejected. I cry constantly and felt helpless. It seems that scar on my forehead brought much psychological and emotional storm on me though I thought it just a small problem. Because of that, it seems that I had already a social phobia and maybe anxiety disorder. I'm constantly depressed almost everyday. I felt really really helpless and it's ruining my life. Perhaps, I thought that there is no problem with my scar (I planned to have a surgery) but on my emotional and psychological aspect. I know I'm weak emotionally and I think there are so many disorders in my mind. My friend teases me that I had signs of autism but I don't my it. They just don't understand me. Please help me cause I'm afraid to go to school now. I'm alone, very lonely. advice or self-help books could help.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi i think the first thing you should do is talk to a councillor at your school or a teacher Let them know about your anxiety and fears. They can help you
    Are you seeing a therapist about your anxiety or on medication as this can help a great deal. In regards to you scar there are cosmetics out there now that are just for hiding scars that work well. Talk to your pharmacist about that. I am glad you talking here You need to get help i hope you do so school year is not so difficult.
  3. necrodude

    necrodude Well-Known Member

    i dont think your friends mean you any harm. they might just be attempting to make you less self-concious. kind of like facing your fears. i have a skingraft on my arm, and i think its hideous. but while if i can hide it i will, if someone notices it, ill explain how i got it. your friends could just be curious.
  4. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    I have a scar on my arm that goes from my elbow all the way to my wrist..It's from an accident I had when I was a kid.. When people ask about it I lie and make up war stories..lol..It's nothing to be ashamed of..I think you are overthinking the reactions of others.. Give them the benefit of doubt.. The more you put it out there the older it will get and people will quit talking about it..
  5. mkandy

    mkandy Member

    I post this, not knowing all circumstances, but knowing this product may help you. There is a silicone gel called Cica Care which can help reduce scars. They use it for alot of different reasons. It may help with some of your fears of people noticing the scar.

    I have a nephew who has been attacked by a dog and hit in the face with a shovel, he has a few scars. Once he explains to people how he got them, they are cool with it. No one bothers or really sees them after that.

    Scars become a part of people, it's not a bad thing. Even if your not proud of how you got it. The scar does not define who you are. You define who you are. Stay strong, be who you truly are and people will get past the scar.

    Good luck.
  6. Volcom23

    Volcom23 Member

    I thought about it and I think their real motive of doing that sort of "humiliation" is just to push me to face the truth. Well, it's good but it's a kind of they are controlling me instead of "I" controlling myself. Anyway, I had already operated it with a reconstructive surgeon. I feel better now but I'm still struggling from the effects of depression. I still feel depressed until now and I don't know why.
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