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I have scars from previous cuts. After 8 months the scars are still there, will they ever dissappear? And since they are healed cuts is there any kind of cream or w/e I can put on them to make the dissappear or at least make them fade?

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There are scar removal creams, perhaps if you were to go to your local pharmacy, or even a doctor, they can suggest/prescribe something. A popular scar removal is 'Bio Oil', you can buy it from any decent pharmacy and the results unfortunately don't happen overnight, it can take weeks/months but many people swear by it. I have bought some but after a few weeks didn't see any change so I gave up, maybe I shouldn't have. It needs time. I think it also depends on how deep or bad your scars are and the oil may not get rid of the scars totally but hey, it's worth a go.

This thread may be helpful: Scar Reduction

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On the times you go out, cover the scars with skin colour make=up foundation, it works a treat.


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Some people swear by vitamin E oil. You buy the capsules, pierce them with a pin and then rub the oil on your scars 2x a day. I've not tried it myself but have heard good reports about it.

There is also a good makeup that you can try. It's made especially to cover scars and birthmarks, it may help while your scars are fadijng. It's called Dermablend. Its made by Vichy (I think). It comes in all kinds of skin colours and you can mix them together to match your skin tone exactly. When its been set with the special powder its supposedly smudge and water proof. You can get it online, try googling dermablend.

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