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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by alchemist000, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. alchemist000

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    Just wanted to share my experience. I was a cutter some 6-7 yrs ago, and haven't done it since, but I still ended up with terrible scars on my arms.

    I tried everything - all the creams and silicon patches - nothing really worked. Then I decided to see a plastic surgeon.

    The first one was terrible and his assistant kept staring at me as if I was completely crazy and all he suggested was to get a tattoo. Or a skin graft which as he put it would end up with even more scarring.

    I did not give up as I was really dedicated to get rid of the scars. So I went for a second opinion and met this really cool doctor who suggested laser removal.

    At first she did a small test to see how my body reacts to this type of scarring. That went well so I had most of my scars literally burnt out last summer. It wasn't really painful but I had HUGE crusts over them and it took about 3 weeks to heal. They were pink for about 6 months gradually getting paler. Now it has been more than a year and so the results:

    The scars are a lot less noticeable than they were before. They are still obviously there but they sort of blend in the skin. As if you had been writing with a pencil, pressing really hard, and then it has been erased. Also it has helped me greatly as they are not MY scars any more. It was not ME who inflicted them - nope, that was the doc. Basically as the doctor explained it is replacing one type of scars with a different one. Now I have pale, flat scars that do not look like cuts - and I mean - that is a lot already.

    Overall I am very satisfied, I still get additional treatment to make some of the scars go completely white and then I am planning to get tattoos over that area to finally end it all.

    As for the costs - it turned out to be a lot cheaper than I expected. In total I have spend around $200 for all the procedures. Though the healthcare in my country is cheap in general.
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    Hi Alchemist and welcome to the site :) Am glad you found you're way out of self harm :) I don't self harm, nor have I so find it hard to relate but I do know it is a very addictive coping mechanism and hard to break so am proud you managed to give it the kick once and for all :)

    I hope you stick around but if your intention is just to shed a ray of light for other self harmers then I'd like to commend you for your insight and story and for sharing both with us today :)

    I'm sure many here will see it as something they can aim towards, if not the laser surgery but maybe the cessation of self harming :)
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