scared all round lol

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    i was at the pride parade a few days back. i was looking for my college society's banner so i could join them. i passed by a group that ws called 'asexual ' something. so i read their banner becaue i wanted to know what it said. i think it was weird tho cos the pp lstanding there just stared back at me point blank and i got scared. and i think maybe they wer scared too but i was scared and it was jus scary all around. i had a thougth they were going to start hitting me or something. i was scared. but i think they were scared and i was scared and everyone was scared lol. i dont know. it was just weird

    it was weird and scary
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    *hugs* I'm sorry that you got scared, that does sound weird.
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    What did the banner say?
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    Yeah, its strange when people stare at you for a long enough period of time, it triggers something instinctual that makes people want to fight.
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    im not sure. 'asexual trans' or something. i was htinking maybe after the events in orlando peole were feeling edgy and not safe so maybe thats why they were self conscious. lol hug hug!!
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