Scared and don't know what to do.... =(

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by crazymsufan, May 28, 2012.

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  1. crazymsufan

    crazymsufan New Member

    I have lost all hope and am fearing the worst. I have lost all motivation and drive to continue on with my life. I have begun to realize that I am just a burden to everybody and have been told "I'm nothing more than a piece of shit who doesn't deserve to live". As i sit here and think about it, I'm beginning to believe them. I am in so much pain and have given up on myself and everybody around me. I am afraid to go to my friends about this because i don't know what they will do/say about the situation. My parents and I don't really get along much and i don't wanna go to them about this. I have contemplated suicide many of times and almost went thru with it 2. I have been having many panic attacks lately. I hate myself and my life. HELP! :lost::sad:
  2. jimk

    jimk Staff Alumni

    welcome crazymsufan.. lots of pople here that have gone thru the same things you are having to face now..if you get to really being unsafe then you should call 911, or a crisis line 1-800-273-TALK. or a hospital emergency room.. with some help , possibly a mental health center and therapy and some medication things can get to a point where you see some hope in all of this.. probably your first thought and response to my thoughts will be "no way i can do this and it will not help at all..." well i have been where you are now and the above helped me get to a much better place..

    in the meantime keep posting and talking with us.. take care, Jim
  3. spidy

    spidy Well-Known Member

    Reading your post takes me to where i was and still sometimes get.First thing are you seeking help doc/therapist etc.Listen to these guys as they can show you ways to cope through this shitty journey other thing is you also have to find some inner strength to help you too.Its a bit of a long road and a few bumps on the way but you are able to get through.Youve done one great step already you have vented and reached out here and always use this forum for that as you will find support.Many here use this and do feel better .Emotional pain sux but always somebody there to help you get through it safe.Take care
  4. Gimiq

    Gimiq Well-Known Member

    I have spent 31 years being told im worthless. I have come to the conclusion they are no better then me. I have attempted suicide twice. After talking to people on here I have not furthered my third attempt. I cant tell you I have found so much a reason to live as a place to vent, I have however consider the loss to people like us. I know that others words have helped me to live FOR another day. If I lost them I would be where I was before. I cannot leave the ones who took the knife from me and gave me a cup of water behind. Take from us what u need we will be here to listen.
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