Scared I *won't* like self harm anymore?

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by whatisthepoint, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I was just wanting to reach out to others really, to see if anyone has had a similar experience...

    I used to self harm about 4/5 years ago, but thankfully stopped. Now I'm really struggling again and have been having self-harm thoughts (but not acting on them) for months and months. This has got to the point where (of course I'm terrified I'll give in and it will be addictive, but also) I worry that I WON'T like it. Has anyone else felt this way?? At first I felt crazy for thinking this, but having given it some thought it is logical that I'd feel anxious about my "escape"/release not being what I expect, after waiting so long.

    (just to clarify, I'm not seriously intending to SH any time in the near future, these are just my idle thoughts/ramblings)

  2. BlueSky

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    I know how it feels to do something again after a long time and not live up to my expectations, and it was disappointing. But with self-harm, that can actually be a good thing because it is an incentive to not do it. It makes you realize that it doesn't solve anything and that there are better "escape" activities that won't be harmful.
  3. Sparrow91

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    I know what your feeling , I stopped SH for about 5 years and then I started having thoughts again. I have gave in and started to do it a lot . it did get addicting . Currently I haven't done anything for 6 months but I'm struggling. I still think about it.. I was afraid it wasn't going to be the same release as before, I was wrong. It felt great but I regretted it as always. It's a temporary solution but it's hard to let go. Congrats on lasting so long. Best wishes.
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