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Scared i won't make it

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I am sat at home wondering how i wll make it through to tomos. My ex hasn't bought any food for 3weeks and i have no money, now the cupboards are empty and i am really hungry. I have no way of getting anything till tomos when i move and my sister arrives with a food parcel from parents. But i'm scared i won't make it as i am diabetic and am meant to eat 3 meals a day. My blood sugar is a bit lower than it should be but not dangerous i'm just worried that it will go down too much and i'll end up in hospital if ex finds me in time. I have no-one i can borrow from so pls don't suggest that. I don't know what to do as feeling strange already but as i say blood sugars not low enough yet to panic or call ambulance/doc.


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It may be wise to go somewhere where folk will see if you are having problems, a town centre or shopping centre perhaps?

Can you go to a Cash Converter or something? But not with anything you want to keep in case you cannot afford to get it back.


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This may sound strange but considering your current situation it is better than nothing, at Reddit they created a subreddit called Food_Pantry where people are donating food for people who need it. There is also a corner where they donate pizza's. What about signing up there and make an request there. There are many nice people that are willing to help. Reddit is like a giant forum and you do not need to give out your email to create a username. Please check it out. The only thing might be that you perhaps should make a few posts there now and then so that ppl see that you contribute something to Reddit.

Reddit - Food pantry
Reddit - Random acts of pizza

Just go there, read it first and if you think it might be something for you then open a tread ( right side Submit link ) and explane your situation a litle bit. I see ppl being helped there in a few hours.
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