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Scared of relationships


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I keep getting into situations that could turn into relationships but run away and end up hurting the other person.

My last relationship ended 4 years ago because she stabbed me in the back. She never cheated on me but what she did was worse in some ways. Since then i've not been in a relationship. Before this time I had been in relationships since I was 15 (i'm now 28). I have 3 children with 2 ex's.

I now am so scared that i'll be hurt that I run away within a few days. I am even scared to tell them or call ever again... I just block all numbers. I hate myself for it as some of them have been amazing.

I want to trust them, but I am just to scared now... I feel like i'm using them or thats what they will think. As i'm on probation and in a hostle I cant live with them and I also dont want to tell them this... Which adds another worry to my lists.


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hi :) its a difficult situation you are in. If you tell the truth upfront you could be causing yourelf more heartache if they run but if you dont you might not be able to tell them later on. There really is no easy answer except that one day you will meet someone that will love you and be true to you and you will be able to trust them with your heart and that they wont crush it in one blow. I really really believe this. I really believe there is someone for everyone but we just have to leave the door open for them :)


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Nothing quite like being kicked in the teeth to make a person skittish and I speak from experience.
It maybe that you are not ready for a relationship yet.
If you are desperate to get back into the swing of things, perhaps talking to a counsellor would put things back into perspective.
Whatever happens you need to take things slowly, this sounds like a classic case of "once bitten, twice shy" :hug:

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