Scared to live

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    I don't know what to write here but I need to write something somewhere or i'll go mad. Been on the 'mend' for years and years and life feels like those western towns you get in movies with the fake buildings. Each part of life is a cut-out that the ones who love me see as bricks and mortar. I'm scared to make a move to strengthen one cardboard cut out lest another blow over and the impending eventuality is that the whole town is going to collapse and every day is more and more stressful. The funny thing is that years ago when my town was all rubble I could find comfort at least in knowing where all the bricks were.

    I'm scared of life and it is affecting my career and my relationship which I spent so long trying to build from barely anything or any hope. How do you make big decisions when the smallest things terrify you over and over again?
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    Hi Smackh20 are your seeing a therapist for you anxiety it does help CBT or DBT teaches you how to handle the stressful situations Also you doctor has he or she reviewed your medication as of late if you are on some for anxiety maybe time to change it up some as the body does get use to medication over time.
    All one can do is take what is infront of them and deal with it the best way you can ok breath think it through and make the best decision for you and your family hugs
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    Hi Total Eclipse,
    I stopped my medication about a year ago and I was on a small dose back then. I didn't finish my CBT as it didn't feel like it was working at all but that was years ago. My girlfriend was quite forceful about me coming off the tablets which seemed ok at first. It just feels like i'm having a repurcussion (have off days but nothing this drawn out for a long while) and I don't know what to do for the best. I don't think i'm learned enough to progress in my career and can't keep my mind focused to learn and my relationship is struggling because I can't communicate and we recently bought a house and are getting married. Too many plates. I guess I need to make a tough call somewhere. I just hopes she understands the side effects if I go back on the Anti d's.

    Thanks for coming back to me.