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    I hate my history teacher. I hate her cause I am afraid of her. Really, really afraid. She scares me so much, everytime I see her my heartrate goes up high and I feel sick and faint, like I would pass out any second. Not very useful during class, really. Last year I've missed a lot her lessons because of this. My grades in history class are according to this not that good.

    The problem is I don't even know why I am so scared. I mean, she's very strict, harsh, and a lot of students in my school would rather not have her in class, but she's also pretty fair, has no favorites, bullies nobody. Not a favorite teacher, but not a generally disliked one either.
    And I hate her. It's weird.

    Tomorrow I'll have my first history class after summer break and I'm already out of my mind and feeling sick. I can't miss that many her lessons this year, it's my last one and it is very important that I pass this class.

    I can't change my class or anything, it's a mandatory class and there is no other history teacher either. I don't know what to do. I'm too afraid to talk to her and talking to other teachers won't help much, cause they would ask why I am afraid of her and I don't know an answer to that.
    All I know is that I wish tomorrow will never ever come, or that I'll die in my sleep, for all I care. I don't just wanna see/meet her anymore =/
    (I know, I'm being pathetic. Sorry.)
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    Maybe she subconsciously reminds you of someone who scared you for more valid reasons, and that's cool and understandable and okay, at its base. The thing is, it doesn't matter that she scares you. It doesn't matter. No one's going to care when they compare your history grades to those of others and you say "Well, I was afraid of my history teacher."

    So listen. View things more objectively. Screw the teacher. She's not going to be the one who gets screwed over by a poor history grade; you are.

    Just study. Study. Study. Do well. And if you do particularly well, and you remain one of the best in the class, you'll have a higher opinion of the class and, consequently perhaps, a higher opinion of the teacher.

    Regardless, the teacher's not going to matter. Do it for you. Pass the class. The teacher's not going to hurt you. You're going to hurt you if you don't take this seriously and pass. Step up a bit. Do what you have to.

    There are always going to be people who you don't really jibe with. Everywhere. You really can't let them get in the way of the things that are "very important," like passing the history class. Focus on your books and your studies, and focus less on your teacher. As your grades get higher, so will your ability to endure the class.

    Anyway, good luck tomorrow. Just do. You have to do. So just do. Do what you have to.
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    Your not being pathetic, she sounds well respected and quite frankly, just by that intimidating! In all honestly, I think the way forward is to try that extra bit harder in history, perhaps impressing her will make her seem more human to you, and of course you’ll get good grades too!

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    Agree with everything the discarded posted. Just wanted to add, maybe talk to the school counsellor. If nothing else it will give you a chance to let someone know. Maybe they will have some coping methods they can offer. Good luck.
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    Oh my God, I could have been that History teacher! :unsure: Please try to let her know how you are feeling... close up and personal, and when not having to provide a stern facade to keep the class in order, you'll probably find that she is fine and just wants you to do the best that you can. She'll probably also be quite concerned that you are so worried about attending her classes. But she can't do anything about this unless you tell her how you're feeling. If she sees you as someone who is prone to cutting classes she'll probably just think that you are unmotivated, lazy etc and this is NOT going to help you. If there is a school counsellor you can talk to if this is too overwhelming for you then try that, or write her a letter or get one of your parents to speak/write to her. But you must sort it.