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Im scared of everything ive become.. i cant face the world anymore even going out of the front door makes me feel sick lightheaded and completely unsure.
I cant face anyone anymore.. the only person i can truely face is my other half.. we moved away from where we used to live too many painful memories. but atleast then i could go about my own thing people didnt stare at me and i didnt feel like a complete freak.
I guess in away if what people told me is true hes got what he wanted.. i cant face going to work.. i dont have friends i no-longer go out.. i have nothing and no-body... apart from him..

i can hide the self harm with hoodies and braclets i can cover up bruises with make-up.. but i cant face anybody... id rather stay where i am.. i guess truth be told i dont know why im even typing this.. its not going to get better...

i have nothing left anymore...
and i really wish i could just see this through and end it all.
i can only hope that soon i will.


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Hi A...if you just moved, please give it time to adjust...also, no matter what ppl appear to be doing, we usually posit more on them then they actually feel...I think the main thing is that you feel so estranged and isolated...has this increased and would it be of value to speak to someone about this? I know the anxiety of trying to get out into the world...it was a panick for me many times...I took my music and tried to increase how much I could get out until I was out...but it took time...can your bf go with you the first couple of times so you feel safer? I am glad you posted and hope you can take the first few steps to get out again, big hugs, J

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i don't want you to leave aimee i hope you can stay here talk with me and others I know it seems so lonely but i am here okay if ever you need someone to just listen You are important and you don't need him to validate you okay Please get some hellp for you okay call crisis if need me but i am glad you are talking here hugs
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