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I have been on a downer for last couplr of weeks so this morning i decided to make an appointment with doc to try and change meds, but i'm scared as it's a doc i don't normally see but i have been told she deals with ppl with depression & mental health issues. I'm just scared of having to tell a lot of my story yet again and the feelings it brings with it, but i know i have to go as started thinking of different ways to sh and that has frightened me into doing something. App is in a couple of hrs is there anyways to cope with this scared feeling? Any advice would be appreciated.
Hiya there,

I dont know if this helps but i find it handy to write it out before i go to the docs, sometimes you dont want to go through every emotion thats tied with the past but if you write it down and the motions and how it makes you feel you can hand it to them, just explain its all just too upsetting to do all in one go. she can have a quick read then quell her questions to what isnt in there, keep it short cuz they dont want an essay but it has helped me a lot.
helps me to remember things as well so i give a better fuller picture other than remember something a few days later and feel like shit cuz i didnt mention it.
good luck at the docs hun! please keep us posted on how you get on xx Amy


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Well done for making the appointment.
She will see many people who are scared and upset, as long as you are able to get your situation across you should be OK.

Good luck.


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dawn honey its perfectly natural to feel like that. You arent the only one hun. We sometimes are so desperate to have something to work that we pin our hopes up high in the hope that someone will know what to do to make it all go away. Hoping it goes / went well keeping my fingers crossed for u ! xx


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Ok here ia an update. Doc said she can't change my meds yet as will take too long to wean me off ones i'm on and put me on new ones. But she did ring crisis team asking them to contact me during the weekend as i'm feeling suicidal and nowhere open due to it being a bank holiday. So still waiting for the call from them otherwise they were of no use at all.
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