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  1. sadangel

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    I have been on my med and the dose for like a year now. I ran out and I guess missed an appointment to get rechecked or whatever. I went to get a refill and she denied my request til I get seen. I CAN'T go without this med it will cause problems big time. I guess I will just have to wait the dang month and hope it doesnt kill me. I HATE THIS
  2. Wastingecho

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    can you call the doctor's office and explain the situation? someone there should at least be willing to write for enought medication to get through to the next visit

    you don't want to go without the meds that long - ran out of one of mine once because i forgot to refill it and didn't notice anything until 3 days later when i started undergoing withdrawal - i don't recommend it
  3. northstar

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    You have a right to be concerned. try to take some deep breaths. I would call again and do what wastingecho said, explain the details and if they don't help you, then call up a hospital for an eval and explain what's going on so you can get a dr's prescription. good luck and keep us updated