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i have been in the hospital since may 28th after another suicide
attempt they put me on an LOA with possible discharge
next week. i can't take any anit depressants , i am allergic to them
i have had a few ECT's - shock treatments but they have no idea
how long these will hold. so yes i am scarred
most of my day is spent on the couch xxx
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hey hun :hug: :hug: :hug: u have to change ur mindset and try get strength to change ur situation for at least little better. only u can change things... :hugtackles:


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Hiya. :hug: Hard times, it seems. I'm sorry to hear you've gone through so much. The important thing is that you're here.

The docs don't know how long the shock treatments will hold...Well, if you look at that with hope, they could last a long time (maybe even forever), and you'll not need any other treatment.

It might be an idea to put the pills you have in a place where you don't stare at them all day. They're sort of a reminder that you don't feel your best.

I hope you do begin to get back into the swing of things soon. Stay safe. You've done so many good and brave things to get this far. I hope you keep going :)


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I sent you a couple of PMs - hate to think of you all alone in your house - and you got people who care about you - you know that - right?

Stick around and make more friends here - we got plenty of Americans I know and people in your situation for sure.

Many have been inside for months if not years and recovered to get to a better place in their minds.

You are quite young also are you not? I mean to be coping alone after coming out from 2 months.

Try to exchange emails with some of the members here - or PMs as they are safer and nothing BAD can be said. They are monitored or can be if anyone says anything untoward, That will not happen though.

I wish I could phone you but I'm in the UK and would need to rob a bank.

I hope you can find someone to talk to over the phone - but this helps also having people here to help.

I wish you ALL the best in the world - your a friend for me and I want to see you get better.

We all do!

Regards, best wishes, prayers and good luck. :smile:

Keep in touch!
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