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  1. Gothic-Midnight-Rose

    Gothic-Midnight-Rose Active Member

    Heylo all

    I was a self harmer for 6 years and am self harm free for about 2 months. However, I'm left with so many scars on my arms,legs and chest. I really want to lessen their visability.
    Does anyone have any advice or tips on how to do this?
  2. Gothic-Midnight-Rose

    Gothic-Midnight-Rose Active Member

    Ooooops! Just noticed that there is a sticky thread about this. My bad!
  3. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    lol, don't worry about it.

    Hope some of the info you find in the sticky helps.

    Well done for being free for two months, thats excellent.

    Keep fighting and take care of yourself
  4. Charlie<3

    Charlie<3 Member

    well my mom got me some scar cream but you have to make sure to get onse from doctor or a pharmasict cause the other ones are cheap and dont least for me...but my burn scars are really visable so i mean it might be okay for you
  5. blade

    blade Well-Known Member

    i dont know how u spel it but its called alreo veria i think. its a plant. it works. u cut the bit off and squeeze the liquid out and rub.

    hope im any help.
  6. You can get some oil or some sort to reduce the severeness of the scars, make them fade away a tad.

    I've never, however, tried this. I may aswell though, my scars cause me dehydration since I hide them under a thick, warm fleace-y type thing everyday, unless I'm at home. Which is rare ...

    Unfortunetly, if the cut was deep/wide/so severe, it may be permament, if not, or even so, maybe they could fade with some treatment? Not laser treatment, although that is one option, course, financial wise, it'd be quite difficult for me, fourteen year old 'n' all. :p


    Oils help, not sure which types, a thread has been created on scar reduction, as you realised some time after posting. Hope that becomes in use to you.
  7. Gothic-Midnight-Rose

    Gothic-Midnight-Rose Active Member

    Thanks everyone for your replies.

    I've started to use bio oil and I'm using Vitamin E lotion too.

    I do have some scars which obviously needed to be stitched up but I didn;t go to the hospital so weren't so the scars are gaping
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