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scars. they’re all over me. i have scars from surgeries, i have scars from cutting. i have scars from burning. and i feel ugly. the big scars, the little scars, they make up a square of the patchwork quilt that is me. and i hate that. i don’t want them to be a part of me. i haven’t accepted them, no matter what people think. i don’t like seeing the huge scars that result from surgery, which i can do nothing about, and i don’t like seeing the smaller ones (relatively) that come from me hurting myself. i know that i can help those ones. but at the same time i can’t. why does stuff have to leave scars? why can’t we just heal up like wolverine? you know, well, not till after we’ve bled and bled and bled. anyway, i am wishing that i could get rid of them. i asked my mum if there was anything i could do about my surgery scars, i’m not about to mention my other scars to her. and she said that they were so big that the only thing would probably be plastic surgery. i’m only 15. i’m supposed to be chasing guys, not worry about scars and stuff. but what guy would take a girl that’s like Frankenstein. sure, most people can’t even see the scars from surgery, but that’s only because they’re not in places that i can (wouldn’t if i could) show off.. so people don’t know that i’m hurting because of these scars. and i wish that i could take them away, but at the same time i don’t know if i would. i would love to live free. but would i just spoil it again?


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I know what your feeling, I am covered in scars from surgeries, misadventures and self harming. The main place I hate them is on my neck, I have so many scars there and they are noticable not only to me but everyone else. It is so hard to live with. I am thankful however that most of my scars are in place that arent made public, unless in hospital. I am here for you if you want to talk just PM me if you need anything.

God! Sweetie...i have scars too covering my thighs and my arms everywhere... all over my stomach from surgery... i cant wear girl's Tshirts becoz if i move they will show in a way... its ok.. try to accept them... Look at them and feel them.. understand them... They arent evil they are just memories... Ur special someone will look at them, understand them and accept them... its only flesh...
Dont regret... dont deny... accept and face them... If u didnt harm urself, remember urself that u wouldnt pass that moment with a small happiness...
Scars tell stories.. ur story.. be proud of it... U r a fighter and u made it threw...some of them i think can be healed by lazer...
Dont worry about them.. I had the same feeling.. . but if u coould jjust say fuck it, look around, and walk.. keep walking... everything changes... it needs time...
donno... I didnt help u in any small way.... but i promise im a real good listener so if u need anything just pm... we could chat if u want to...


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Scars... I wish I had them..... but the only thing you can do... is not worry about them....

Since I am in a fairly terrible mood I will give off this advice. Think like 90% of females your age. Think that all men are mindless sex machines. And as long as your body is generally nice or you are just willing to have sex they will want to be around you. Then you can rip them to shreds on your own.

Now I will try to give you level advice. When I was 15 I was supposed to be going to school chasing girls. I only went to school... I don't know... you decide what you are supposed to do... if you look to society, like me, you will always be disappointed in yourself.
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