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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by unregistered23, Dec 23, 2006.

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  1. has anyone ever experienced this??

    i have had this happen 3 times. the first two happened about a year and a half ago when i was taking a med that was too high a dose for me.the last time it happened was yesterday altho not nearly as pronounced.the first two times i was driving and went to park in my parking lot and when i stopped my car it felt and looked like i was still driving. the only reason i didnt drive thru my apartment buidling wa even tho i felt like and it looked like i was still driving on a busy street i knew i wasnt supposed to be driving and that car was supposed to be stopped so i pressed on the breaks untill that experience stopped.this only took a couple seconds. but it happened again yesterday too altho not nearly as bad just felt like i was still driving when i was stopped.just dunno what this could be from and its really scary too.
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    No, I have not experienced this. Those who have should not get behind the wheel, and should find alternative mode of transportation.
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    Well i think the first step like mentioned above is to find an alternate way to get around because this could result in a serious accident. But you also need to talk to a doctor about this. Do you feel lightheaded, dizzy? It might be an issue with the inner ear where a sac of liquid is located that orients our brain to our surroundings, and when this is disturbed or you have too much liquid or too little, you can feel a vertigo effect dizzyness and your view will start spinning. Theres a name for the disease but i forgot what its called. An inner ear infection can also set this off but you say its happened a few times over a few years.
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