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haha, so thought i'd begin a topic for mine. i remember dreams pretty much nightly. so i'll type here whenever i think of

20th march-

i'm at a hospital, not sure why at the start. but i'm not meant to leave, i still go outside and sit there. and apparently it's ireland. some harbour and people look bored and depressed. but the sun is setting and it's raining a bit, it's cool and idk. i seem to like it.
a boy sits on stairs opposite. he comes up and tells me i look like a tourist. i tell him: everywhere i go, i am one.
he says: you into culture?
and i say: history of culture.
then i ask him his horoscope. i think he says aries (don't get on with them lolol) but a truck or something passes and yeah. he says: we live nearby. i say: who? he says: wanna come and play?

and i'm like: ok.
give him a piggyback, he falls asleep and weighs me down so much i fall face flat.
nose is bleeding.
some police van arrives with prisoners. originally i think they have come for me, to take me back to hospital. but no. so i think: well, obviously have to go back hospital so just go.
prisoners are set in cages around this harbour and i have to walk by them, feel apprehensive in doing so.
deadweight boy clings to me, is still sleeping.

at hospital i'm in a stupour and suddenly i'm aware again and i jump and apparently i've been cutting so bad, nurse is stitching my arm back together. since i've jumped, she's torn another hole. something oozes out that isn't blood: what is that? she asks.
i say: i think it's you. and when i say it she dies randomly or maybe not
When you woke up in the hospital, was it the same hospital that you ended up in during the end? Did you seem to get along with him before you knew he was Aries, or did that make you want to give him more of a chance due to the negative experience you've had interacting with Aries before? I find it interesting that in following his direction and going along with his invitation, he ended up weighing you don't and getting you injured - if not in trouble with authority. That sounds like it has some subconscious message about free will. I think it's interesting that you went back to the hospital on your own, rather than be taken there - considering you weren't supposed to leave in the beginning. Do you find that people often get under your skin?
oh wow, haven't even posted here in ages. did have dreams, that i can't remember atm 'cause i took a break from the forum...

hi, i didn't even expect replies! thanks though. hi. i already said that, ouch.
i seem to not wanna depend on people in real life or here but feel a need to, if that makes sense. this causes a lot of inner conflict and relationship breakdowns.

in the dream i wanted to be friends with this aries and hoped he'd be a different aries than the other arieses, wow, this description.
omg posted here a long while ago.
dream last night in short: a man stopped me and a made up person on some dirt track. we was lost and he was going to rape her. he didn t seem to see me or even know i was there. we got cops to chase him off. a local guide took us to this scholary looking old place. a priest leaned out of a tall building and threw m'n'm s at us.
later we hid in some house and i necked with this old irl childhood friend whom i don t even like in waking life, zombies loitered outside and there were other people with us watching smth on tv. the room had no outter wall
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