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ScFi Dream.

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Ok so I've had strange realistic dreams before but never this doctor who ish lol.

I was in the street when a news report came on somebody's TV stating that it was the end of the universe due to space-time being ripped apart. I turned around to see huge jet streams of air travelling horizontally down the street and for some reason I was throwing slices of bread into them and watching them whiz past. I looked up and saw the solar system being ripped apart and felt really strange knowing that this was the end.

The next thing I remember was I asked some bloke what was going to happen and he said that everyone would start disappearing and die of heart attacks, I asked him why heart attacks and he rambled on about electrical energy or something.

Then I was at home and all my family started vanishing one by one, they seemed to be sucked into the air around them leaving only clothes and whatever they were holding on the floor. I woke up just as I started to feel suction behind me and tightness in my chest.

Another thing I remember seeing but can't remember where or when was a video of the earth without any gravitational pull and the atmosphere was just drifting away into space.

It really freaked me out as everything felt so real, the scariest part was knowing there was nothing at all I could do to help anyone or myself.
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