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  1. Chelliebreeze

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    I had to appeal for Social Security Benefits in a form of an appeal letter. It's been a month and a half and I haven't received any notification. I went before a judge and he denied my claim after a 15 minute face to face interview. He says I can be a copy machine tech. I guess that's someone who works at office max or office depot making copies. I don't know anything about copy machines. I have physical problems as well. I can't stand for long periods of time because of sciatica and flat feet. Being in the public is a daunting task. I am harassed by people or I feel as if people are harassing me. I've worked since I was 15 years old and paid money into the system. Now I'm 48 years old. Why can't I get the money I am entitled to? I'm on food stamps but need money to pay bills. My glasses are broken and I need dental work.

    I haven't worked in 3 years and my schizophrenia has been at its worst. The voices are 24/7. My wife is at the end of her rope. She hates her job, and she's constantly on me to make money. No one will hire me. Maybe it's the economy maybe it is because I've had a psychotic episode on the job. Working with people is hellious when you hear voices all the time. I'll probably be homeless someday soon. My family doesn't support me.
    My question goes out to the board, what jobs do you all have and how do you cope? Do you get SSI? What steps were taken to get SSI?

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    Are you applying for SSI or SSDI ? You seemed to have worked for a while so i am unsure which is more appropriate for you.

    I receive SSDI. It took nearly 2 years to get and I did the whole judge thing as well. I also had an attorney the entire time so I had to do nothing in the process but show up to Dr appts and the hearing. All attorneys in these matters work on contingency - basically - if they do not win your case you owe then nothing. If you win they get 1/3 of the back pay they win for you, nothing from future payments, and even the backpay is capped by law - I believe for SSDI it was $7000, but it is all money you likely would not have received at all without the attorney. The information they gave me at the SS office was invariably either bad or flat out wrong so I am glad I went the attorney route.

    at the point you are at in the process - before you send off the final appeal letter - I strongly recommend that you consult an attorney. They will evaluate your case for free and help you determine if there is merit to it. It is far more likely they would just refile from scratch then go with the final appeal that is so often not successful and is actually just a further delay.

    Take Care

  3. Finance

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    SSDI. What the SSA is looking for is a medical record of your disability, like a nice long term record of psychiatric care.

    Your medical records are what they're looking for. And to turn people down, hoping they'll quit the fight.

    Check out in this section "Do I have to relocate?", NYjump gets on me for going to a psych and not talking suicide. I understand the long term benefits of going to the psych. Prescriptions, advice you can read anywhere, and access to SSDI money.

    To answer the other part, I built hog farms before the monsters in my head become too much for everyday interaction. Corn and soybean production is the other part. I watch the managers, what time people show up and such from an 8 screen security monitor.
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    I would sooner guess that a "copy machine tech" is a technician that services copy machines. They have trade schools for that and/or training provided by the copy machine company(s). These would be the people that go out to companies who are leasing copy machines and who do the simple calibrations and repairs on the machines. Probably not a bad job, really, overall.

    My wife has "flat feet" and her podiatrist prescribed special in-soul inserts that had to be created for her shoes by first taking a plaster cast of her foot. They correct the problem. My wife is an elementary school teacher for children with physical and emotional challenges and she is on her feet constantly all day, chasing after kids, etc. Since obtaining the inserts for her shoes, she has not suffered the pain she was experiencing for many years prior to not having them and while working.

    As for why you may not get hired, I would simply avoid telling potential new employers about psychotic episodes on prior jobs.
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