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  1. justmeonlyme

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    i really have no idea why im writing this just need to get it out...

    i have so so so much work to do at school its doing my head in i have so many things due English work, a 2 panel art folio that isn't even half done, graphics internal, graphics external to put together, textiles work to finish, English, biology and maths exams to study for... im so stressed out idk i no its my own fault for letting it get to this point idk whats happened to me school used to be with one thing that i was good at i could do well at school then on the outside everything was fine this year its like everything has finally caught up and whats going on inside, how does someone go from top of there year to close to failing... i no its my own fault no one else has caused this i should have pulled myself up on it when i first noticed things where getting bad at the start of term two but i was like its ok i still have 2 terms left now here we are the 1st week of term 4 i have 4and bit weeks left then i have exams... idk how im gana do this im so so so stressed out... then when i get stressed i get less done and then when i get less done i get even more stressed why did it i let it get to this... idk how im gana do this.... i guess i just have to keep moving forward as long as i pass the year i might not do as well as last year so long as i pass and get my university entrance stuff.... how could i let this happen how school was the one thing that depression hadnt taken how did i let it get this bad.... but i cant blame anyone else but me....
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    School gets harder as we advance and it requires much more work...make a plan re how to finish everything and you will get it of luck, J
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    Oh hunny :hug:

    I know the stresses of school, its freaking hard, and even harder when you've got these problems.

    All I can tell you hun, is to keep at it, keep working for those 4 and a half weeks, it is possible to get everything done. If you could dial down the stress that would obviously make it easier but thats much easier said than done. Just try to remember you can only do your best with what time you have, try not to be so hard on yourself. While its not anyone elses fault its not really yours either hun. I know how much you want to do well and its this illness that has got in the way and being ill isn't ur fault :hug:

    Remember that it is always possible to have another chance if you don't get the grades for uni - I really hope you do, but I don't want you to feel like everything is lost if you don't because it isn't :hug:

    Love you

  4. justmeonlyme

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    i am trying to work hard i have to i have no choice!!!
    i just wish i could go back to how things used to be school used to come so easily i no it gets harder as you get further into the education system but not only is it harder but ive lost the motivation i used to have... i used to do any extra work i could now i can hardly find the motivation to do the work set let alone extra!!
  5. Ouroboros

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    hunny this is the illness, and you need to sort that out otherwise you will have this problem for a long time. You can only do your best.

    It must be pretty late hun, you should probably get some rest, lack of sleep will only make things worse :hug: