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I'm curious how "normal" people handle bad things that happen to them... one after the other after the other... Do they take it all in stride and keep on going, or do they, like me, eventually stop fighting and give up? I suppose I could handle bad things happening to me if it weren't so damn often or if I had some time to recuperate from the last bad thing before being hit up by the next. I swear I'm still reeling from the last blow when another one comes along and knocks me off my feet. I haven't the strength to deal with so much shit coming at me so fast. I start feeling numb after a while and just want to stay down so I won't get knocked down.:sad:

least able


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I guess I was "normal" for the last 20 years, in that I didnt need drugs or therapists or shrinks. Thank God for the shrink I had at 20 for that.

So how did I deal, ok I guess; but we all have our breaking points and know exactly what you mean about not wanting to get back up. Sometimes I think the effort of facing it all can drain you to the point of no return. Lean on us hun till the tide turns.
I dont think there is a normal person out there. I think people take each issue in stride but if the issues just come one after another it just seems after awhile why are you fighting. I dont know if anyone truly copes with crap that happens 100%


I think "normal" or not (I'm not sure what normal means) people do have limits as to how much they can cope with. And when that limit is reached there are different ways of coping- they may "give up" in a certain way, they may dissociate from their feelings as a way of coping. Or when you're in touch with your feelings, painfully in touch with how you feel, it is overwhelming and wanting to give up, in terms of physically dying becomes more inviting. It really depends on the person and how they manage things. My mother used to dissocate, I could tell, but she kept the appearance of "taking it in her stride," but I could see she was crumbling. At times of distress and trauma, dissociating for safety or alternating with being unbearably in touch with how you feel- makes carrying on all the more unbearable. Last year one thing after another happened in quick succession and I had to leave an environment for my own sake.

Is there anything you could do to take a break as such? I'm not sure what's happening but removing yourself from any stress that can be avoided may help?

Reaching out to any support network in "real life" can lessen the pressure you're going through.
I genuinely hope you can pull through this difficult period, least. I found that listening to myself and what I need and picking up on any available resource(counselling) out there to pull myself through a horrible period where things, out of my control were happening did prevent me from attempting suicide last year.

Take care of yourself, least :hug:
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