Screaming inside once again

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  1. Never. I'll never understand. Why? Why did it have to be me? People can be worse than her I suppose.... but the evil rises to the surface almost every time.... she brings out the worst in me. Our one connection, the one thing tying me to her.... needs to be broken. I'll have to take on more responsibility than ever.... but there is a simplicity to the solution: I'll just have her put away somewhere.... but only somewhere safe. Despite everything I still care for her, even though she does not believe it. With her it's either sadness or hatred. Nothing else remains.... unless the connection is strong. When the connection is strong we can relate to eachother and thus get along. When the connection is strong I can flush all the evil away and live once more. Quack is the answer to the major problem & I no longer care much. I guess I have no choice.... this is beyond my control now. I never believed it. This is hell, I know it. It has been all along. I've just been denying it... the way she denies it. The only way we can even "live" if that's what this can be called at all, is either to strengthen the connection so much that it will never break.... or lie down and die with no connection at all. Her religion was never my own, yet my religion was hers all this time. Very simple. I have the plan... it only requires execution. So why do I feel so broken? I never was alive.... I've been like a zombie all this time, feeding on her. She's more like a vampire, draining my blood-my life-away so that she may live on. Our one connection. So fragile it seems to be broken already.... yet can be made strong so it will never break. Blood. Our blood; the Ties That Bind us. The solution is clear, so simple a child would be able to misunderstand. Just as I do. Lie down with dogs and you wake up with fleas, then it's too late to rid yourself of the infection that spreads inside you, growing into this disease.

    This is intentionally non-understandable. It's not a poem. If you think you understand any of this, please call a proffexional and have your head examined..... you might be a genious. :WTF: